We are glad to announce that our game Bacon Tales release date is sheduled to release on october 12th!

We know there were so many delays on release date, but this time is for real. We had so so so so many issues at this game development, such as project loss, leaving members, depression, and so on.

But, since Uruca’s new formation, with Philippe Lepletier, Suâmi Abdalla-Santos and Felipe Osório, we were able to make a great progress, and we are very happy to say that Bacon Tales development is done, passing trought final tests before release.

It was a huge leap, we’ve learn a lot during Bacon Tales development.

Visit Bacon Tales – Between Pigs and Wolves Steam page.

Hope you all like Bacon Tales: Between Pigs and Wolves!

No more delays! Bacon Tales release date is confirmed for next week!
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