We participated in the Ludum Dare #35 (LD#35) which occurred in april 2016, and we developed the game Operation R.E.P.T.I.L.E. in only 50 hours!


Ludum Dare is a game jam that occurs 3 times per year (april, august and december). It put together indie developers around the world to make games within 72 hours.


During the event, we stayed in our studio the whole weekend producing in full time. We ate and drank in the same place, there wasn’t time to waste.

The theme of the LD#35 was shapeshifting. The brainstorm was very intense until we defined the idea to follow.


We developed a game in that the player must watch the behavior of the people around him to identify who are the infiltrated reptilian aliens.

If the player succeeds on identify them while they are in human form, it is possible to use the taser to capture the invasors.

But if the time runs out, the reptilians shapeshift to the original form and they start to kill the humans. In this case, the only way is to use a weapon to kill them too.


Operation R.E.P.T.I.L.E. had a good acceptance by the public, it stayed in 166th position at the oficial ranking of LD#35, in a total of 2.700 games!

We were very happy with the result and enjoyed ourselves a lot during the creative process of the game!


Take a look at the game! >>> Operation R.E.P.T.I.L.E.

Ludum Dare #35
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